Kia ora!

We are a small but vibrant hapu in the beautiful Bay of Islands. We want to inform us, and others, of what we’re doing and what we plan to do.

We are all over the world and we need to keep in touch, to keep our historical feet on our whanau piece of earth for now and for our future generations.

We may not have been born in Te Rawhiti and may not have had much contact but this website is an opportunity for us all to learn, to share and to contribute something to our electronic hapu.

We are all the kaitiaki weaving the strands of our hapu together to make the fabric strong for the future.

The food to do this comes from the winds carrying the essences of life from the land and sea.

We keep contact and work together and thus weave the strands and breathe the mauri of the hau kianga.

kaitiaki guardians
mauri the life principle, the essence of life
hau kianga the essence or soul of home

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