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Getting a Mandate to Negotiate

As Ngāti Kuta and our fellow hapū embark on the journey of resolving our Waitangi Claims, it’s time to progress towards negotiating with the Crown.

But we need your approval to do this.

Who is Te Whakaaetanga Trust?

To be able to enter negotiations with the Crown, hapu must organise themselves into a “Large Natural Grouping” (LNG). Ngati Kuta and our partner hapu done this by formalising their alliance as Te Whakaaetanga Alliance (“TWA”) on January 14, 2023. The hapū are Ngati Kuta, Patukeha, Ngati Manu and Ngati Torehina ki Matakaa. TWA takes its direction from the collective voice of each hapū through its nominated representatives. If we approve, TWA will represent Ngā Hapū in our Treaty settlement negotiations with the Crown.

TWA upholds the tikanga of hapu rangatiratanga and therefore takes its direction from the collective voice of each hapū through its nominated representatives. It is the vehicle required by the Crown in this historical process. The Minister has formally acknowledged that Te Whakaaetanga Trust hapu have met this requirement.

What is Our Next Step?

Now that we have achieved a LNG, the next step is to host a series of hapu information hui to seek a mandate from Ngati Kuta whanau to negotiate with the Crown. Each of our fellow hapu must also do the same.

What is a Mandate?

A mandate is an authorisation given by a claimant group to their representatives, allowing them to negotiate with the Crown to settle historical Treaty claims.

Basically, TWA must get approval from each hapū for any initial deal with the government before finalising the settlement. If we vote yes, then TWA will be responsible for resolving our hapū’s historical Te Tiriti complaints on our behalf.  Each hapū will get to select their own negotiator after TWA is approved.

The Mandate Process

Each hapū has its own way, based on its tikanga, to decide on confirming the mandate of Te Whakaaetanga. Your vote is important in this process.

Resolution to be Voted On

A detailed resolution that you will be voting on is presented here. The language is formal and legally relevant. Even though this doesn’t make sense to most people, below this legal version, we have also got a simplified version.

“The acceding hapū of Te Whakaaetanga Trust established by Deed dated 14 January 2023 (collectively referred to as “Ngā Hapū Te Whakaaetanga”) mandate Te Whakaaetanga Trust to represent them in negotiations with the Crown in respect of the comprehensive settlement of all of Ngā Hapū o Te Whakaaetanga historical Te Tiriti o Waitangi claims and further, mandate Te Whakaaetanga Trust to present an initialled deed of settlement to Ngā Hapū o Te Whakaaetanga for ratification prior to a Deed of Settlement being signed.” 

Simplifying the Resolution

“On January 14, 2023, a group of hapū, called Ngā Hapū Te Whakaaetanga, agreed to form the Te Whakaaetanga Trust. They have given this Trust the job of talking to the Crown for them. The Trust’s task is to sort out and settle all the old claims these hapū have in relation to breaches of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Most importantly, the Trust needs to get approval (a mandate) from these hapū before the Crown will negotiate.”

What’s the Voting Process?

TWA has to get approval from each hapū to enter the negotiation phase of our Waitangi Claims journey. So what’s Ngati Kuta’s voting process to decide if we approve?

To vote, you need to attend a Ngati Kuta Mandate Information Hui

Mandate Hui Dates

Ngati Kuta has organised six Mandate Information Hui for our hapū to attend to find out more information about the mandate itself, TWA and the journey forward.

Before you vote, you should ensure you have a good understanding of what you’re approving by attending a hui.

The hui dates for Ngati Kuta are below:

Mandate Information

The following information will be shared and presented at these hui:

  • Te Whakaaetanga Trust Mandate Strategy
  • Te Whakaaetanga Trust Deed
  • Te Whakaaetanga Trust Mandate Hui Presentation
  • Elections NZ Information about the Voting Process
  • Letter from the Minister confirming Te Whakaaetanga Large Natural Grouping

Ngati Kuta Mandate Hui – Location & Dates

RāwhitiSat 9 Mar 2024Te Rāwhiti Marae10:00am
WhangāreiSat 30 Mar 2024Kensington Stadium10:00am
OnlineSat 6 Apr 2024Zoom10:00am
AucklandSat 13 Apr 2024Te Mahurehure Marae10:00am
OnlineSat 27 Apr 2024Zoom10:00am
OnlineSun 28 Apr 2024Zoom10:00am
RāwhitiSat 11 May 2024Te Rāwhiti Marae10:00am

Voting Process

Independent voting agency

We have commissioned to manage our voting process, an experienced agency with over 22 years of experience with iwi mandate and settlement ratifications. This will ensure a fair voting process, supported by the NK Data Team. will deliver voting electronically. All voting data will be collected and managed by them. They will attend all of our hui to explain how voting works and take registrations for voting so it is important to attend at least one Ngati Kuta hapu hui.

Voting Period

Votes will be accepted by between Sat 9th Mar and Sat 11th May 2024. Detailed instructions will be provided via the email address provided at registration. Any votes before or after these dates will not be accepted.

Eligibility to Vote

Voting is open to registered members over 18 years old. If you register directly with to vote, your vote will be confirmed once whakapapa is verified.

Registering to Vote

You need to register – either with Ngati Kuta directly or with – to be able to vote on the proposed resolution.


Where to register

If you have not already registered, you will need to register below. 

  • Before 1st March 2024, you will register to the Ngati Kuta database using our form here
  • After 1st March 2024, register with directly via a link below.

Registration Guidelines

Each person will need to register individually WITH THEIR OWN EMAIL ADDRESS

You will need to manually enter your personal details into the form. Each person needs to have their own unique email address.

Whakapapa – If you do not know your tūpuna from Ngati Kuta, please put a grandparent that you know who descends from Ngati Kuta. This will allow us to verify that you are of Ngati Kuta descent. 

Register – Unique emails for each person

Required Information


Optional Information


Your Declaration



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