Mangahāwea Bay

Nestled on the western shores of Moturua Island lies Mangahāwea Bay.

Mangahāwea Bay on Moturua Island is an ancient settlement site dating back to the migration 1200-1300 AD. This backed up by the Manahiki whakapapa they hold on the great migration. The outcomes of this project will confirm the historical link for Ngati Kuta back to this ancient site.

In 2019, there was an amazing wānanga related to this kaupapa, the Voyaging Wānanga, that was organised by Te Arakite Trust, who are mostly Ngati Kuta hapu members. Find out more about this wānanga at their own website.

Russell Museum

Russell Museum’s new exhibition, The Story of Managahāwea is a fascinating look at an extremely early site of first arrivals from Polynesia. Beneath the soil of its beautiful beachfront, archaeological evidence from a series of excavations under the leadership of Ngāti Kuta has shown that some of the earliest people to come to Aotearoa arrived and settled here.

Detailed Storyboards

Below, you can read through the storyboards that are on display at Russell Museum. Visually interesting and full of information about this ancient site and its importance for Ngāti Kuta today.

Mangahawea Bay Ngati Kuta P… by lellobot